Kinetics Middle East LLC an ISO 9001:2008 certified & engineering company specializing in designing, supplying and installing acoustical products was established in Dubai in February 2000 as a branch office of Kinetics UK in London. Kinetics Middle East offices and warehouses are located in Dubai Investment Park area with a branch office in Abu Dhabi. Our principals Kinetics Noise Control Inc. are located in Dublin, Ohio U.S.A.

Kinetics Middle East maintains substantial stocks of vibration isolators, floating floor materials and flexible pipe connectors to service the local and Middle East markets. To meet local market demands Kinetics Middle East licensed local factories to manufacture selected products to Kinetics specifications. To complement the Kinetics Noise Control range Kinetics Middle East contracted other leading European and Australian manufacturers to offer a single source acoustical service. Kinetics Middle East markets the products through a network of agents throughout the Middle East.

The staff at Kinetics Middle East consists of our Managing Director Aziz Abouseda a 1968 engineering graduate of Tufts University in Boston, Massachusetts. Aziz worked in the field of vibration control since his graduation from university. In 1975 Aziz set up a sales office for Mason Industries Inc., New York in Beirut. In 1987 Aziz joined Kinetics and set up a local Middle East distributorship network for the Kinetics Noise Control products.

Kinetics Middle East staff consists of Six – Sr. Design Development Sales Engineers, Four – Secretaries/Sales Support, Three – Draughtsmen, One – Credit Control Manager, Two – Accounts, Four – Shipping Assistants, Two -Store Keeper/Supervisor & Six – Warehouse Assistants/Driver.

Kinetics Middle East is fully backed by Kinetics Noise Control, a leader in the vibration and noise control industry since 1958, who markets a variety of products and services through a global network of representatives and licensees.

Kinetics also develops custom products for customer’s individual needs. With state-of-the-art engineering, Kinetics provides the optimum solution to the client’s sound and vibration problems.

The key to Kinetics’ successful problem-solving ability is largely due to their highly skilled professionals in the field of physics, engineering and architecture. Kinetics’ products and systems have been installed in prominent buildings in North America and through- out the world.

For over 50 years, Kinetics Noise Control has served building owners by allowing them to install complex heating, ventilating and air-conditioning systems in their buildings without concern that noise and vibration will be a problem.

Using custom designed software, Kinetics’ engineers quickly select vibration isolation products to meet specifications and match field conditions. Kinetics’ products include floor mounted and suspended isolation systems which incorporate steel springs, fiberglass pads, rubber elements and air springs, used individually or in combination, to achieve specified results.

Kinetics also provides technical assistance to building design professionals in the selection and specification of the appropriate isolation system for their project’s goals.

Kinetics Noise Control serves building owners in earthquake prone regions by supplying restraint devices for mechanical and electrical equipment to prevent equipment from breaking loose during seismic events.

All of Kinetics’ seismic products are engineered and fabricated to meet or exceed local and national building code requirements. Kinetics’ custom computer programs are used to select appropriate isolators, bases and anchoring devices for equipment located in all seismic zones.

During the last three major California earthquakes, Kinetics products were still functioning even though nearby buildings failed.

When designers of interior spaces are concerned about aesthetics and acoustical quality, they frequently turn to Kinetics Noise Control.

Using computer-generated layouts, Kinetics can pre-cut wall panels to meet virtually any customer requirement, ranging from rectangular panels to custom cut murals called “Wall Art”.

Kinetics’ interior treatments consist of sound absorption and reflective wall panels as well as baffles, banners, diffusers, and ceiling tiles.

Available in a variety of designer finishes, Kinetics interior products may be found in :

• Auditoriums
• Multi-purpose rooms
• Music rehearsal spaces
• Conference facilities
• Movie theatres

• Public spaces
• Gymnasiums
• Computer rooms
• Natatoriums
• Executive offices





Kinetics’ interior products effectively combine acoustical performance with aesthetic value.

In modern construction, architects are often faced with the need to reduce the intrusive noise from one space to another. Noise may come from a variety of sources : HVAC equipment, standby generators, food service operations, fitness or dance studios, traffic, or possibly an upstairs neighbor walking on a ceramic tile floor. Whatever the source, today’s lightweight construction materials are often inadequate to provide the desired level of quiet.

Using Kinetics Noise Control’s Room Within A-Room concept, an entire space can be resiliently decoupled from the building structure to provide the ultimate in acoustical isolation. The system may include Kinetics’ :

•  Floating floors
•  Floating partitions
•  Resiliently suspended ceilings

To assure the optimum sound level in a space, Kinetics’ engineers assist architects and design professionals in analyzing the problem and specifying the correct products to meet the projects’ acoustical objectives.

With the acquisition of Vibron Inc. in Mississuaga, Canada in 1996 Kinetics Noise Control also offer a complete engineering design and manufacturing facility of duct silencers, acoustic enclosures, acoustic louvers and absorptive wall and ceiling panels.

Through computer generated programs Kinetics Noise Control are able to provide complete stress and expansion analysis for risers in high rise buildings and straight run pipes requiring thermal expansion compensation. Calculations are supported by schematic pipe drawings locating expansion bellows, and hardware to safely anchor and guide the system.

Offering the broadest range of isolators of any company in the industry, Kinetics continues to design and engineer product solutions for:

HVAC Equipment and Piping
Industrial Vibration Systems
MRI Scanners/Electron Microscopes
Architectural Noise Separation
Interior Wall Absorption Treatment
Acoustic Wall and Ceiling Reflectors
Rigid and Curtain Wall Enclosures
Exterior Acoustic Barrier Walls
Bulk Acoustic Curtain Materials
Packaged Home Theater Enclosures
Whole Building Isolation
Tuned Mass Damping Systems
Duct Silencers

Jet Engine Testing Silencers
Molded Elastomeric Components
Mobile Equipment Applications
Acoustic Test Chambers
Duct Noise Containment and Isolation
Riser Support Systems
Seismic Restraint Systems
Bomb Blast Mitigation
Railbed Isolation Systems
Coordinate Measuring Machine Isolation
Dynamometer Support Systems
Stress and Surge Analysis for Piping Systems